About us

We love comic books, sci-fi books and movies, manga, anime, video games, and coffee. We founded our store in the end of 2017. The idea was to combine two great concepts - speciality coffee and comic books/manga. As a result, we now have a place in Tbilisi where anyone can enjoy a cup of great coffee and read comic books and manga.

Our coffee
Espresso based dark and milk coffee, with custom roasted beans and loads of passion. With the right amounts, timing and attention, you'll find yourself drinking something more, than just a cup of coffee. And if you're into something special, then make sure to try our Aeropress and V60. It's a whole new world of dark coffee, with rich flavor and taste, yet so delicate and smooth. But be careful, once you try it, you may not want to drink any other coffee.

Our comic books
We work hard to bring a wide selection of comic books in various languages. We are officially signed with Diamond International, the world's official distributor of all major comic book publishers, which allows us to bring classic and fresh titles in English language directly from the publishers.

We also have comic books in Russian language, as the pricing on these is more affordable due to a large market and lower production costs.

And of course we work with local publishers to offer comic books and books in Georgian language. We're always open to questions and suggestions, so if you have anything to say feel free to stop by or drop us a line at info@parsek1.com