6200: Somewhere, Without home #1

6200: Somewhere, Without home #1


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Mari and her family – mother (Darejan), father (Tengo), sister (Keti), and grandfather (Lengi), are
internally displaced persons who are searching for home, which is not simply a place for dwelling but
rather a comfortable and peaceful space. Due to the war in Abkhazia, they are not able to go back to
Gali and have to get used to drastically different everyday conditions first in Zugdidi and then in

Tbilisi, where many are not too welcoming of their presence.

Tengo is trying to secure his family financially and starts working as a dentist in Abkhazia. Darejan
takes the responsibility of caring for her daughters and disabled father, who lost his legs during the


Meanwhile, Mari is growing up and forming a personality in Georgia that is drenched in fear, apathy,
and poverty. She is starting to experience others’ perceptions of IDPs, gains friend and deals with
paranoid opinions about her, which is ingrained in a considerable part of the Georgian society.

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