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A Silent Voice 1

A Silent Voice 1

სტანდარტული ღირ. 39.00 GEL
სტანდარტული ღირ. ფასდაკლებით 39.00 GEL
ფასდაკლება არ არის მარაგში
დღგ-ს ჩათვლით

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A Silent Voice is a thought-provoking, dramatic story of a deaf student and the boy who bullies her. In elementary school, Shoya bullies the deaf Shoko mercilessly. When she transfers to another school to escape his torment, Shoya finds himself bullied by the students he once considered his friends. Years later, he learns sign language to apologize to Shoko for his behavior, and so begins a relationship that will change his and Shoko's lives forever. Now Shoya struggles to redeem himself in Shoko's eyes and to face the classmates who turned on him.